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E = Expecting engagement

L = Learning for the future

M= Making good progress

H= Helping each other

U = Understanding

R = Raising our standards

S = Sharing our skills

T = Trying our very best!


Welcome to Elmhurst Junior School website.

We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both children and parents....



Max, in Year 6, has written this. Will it persuade you? 

Are you struggling to find the ideal school for your child? Do you want your child to have fun but learn exciting, new things? Then you need to send your child to Elmhurst Junior School in order to give them the five star education they need. 

Elmhurst Junior School helps children aged 7-11 with their education. We will teach them a range of lessons such as: Maths, Talk for Writing, Guided Reading, PE and so much more. From 10.30-10.50 and 12.30- 1.30, we have break. During that time, children can meet up with their friends and have fun under adult supervision. We have a quiet area in the playground where your child and his/her friends can quietly chat or just sit back and relax. Elmhurst also (for a small cost) provides tasty, healthy, hot dinners so that you don't have to buy the food and go through all that hassle. But if you prefer to make your child's lunch, then that's fine. 

Our school offers a range of attractions such as: a gymnasium, two outdoor netball courts and thirteen classrooms. We also have PE coaches who come in from Sporting World and other companies to keep your child fit and healthy.

The school has its own official website where you can find out what's happening on the school calendar. You can see photos of some of the pupils doing things they love. Also, on the website, there is an Anti-Bullying video made by our year 6 Buddies, Sports Ambassadors and School Council members.

So what are you waiting for? Come and have a look around today! 


Phoebe, in Year 6, has written this. We think we will adopt her slogan next year as the school motto! 

Are your children not getting enough outdoor space? Are they being bullied? Well search no longer, because Elmhurst is at the top of the shop!

No longer will your children struggle at reading. At Elmhurst we have assistants to spend time with them and produce a more confident reader who can read in style!
Education is very important for the future. But when your child is sat day-dreaming, hand on head and pencil in the mouth you have to get to Elmhurst! We get to do fun lessons whilst having enough education at the same time.
Last but not least: bullies. They are horrible, horrifying and heart-breaking! Elmhurst is an anti-bullying school and we don't allow any bullies. I have never been bullied in Elmhurst and I have been here for four years.
Last of all, forest school. Every now and then Mr. Jones holds a a forest school session for free! You will get some wellies on, then march your way over to Keyhole Copse which is our set of trees and do some amazing activities to test your senses. 
Come on over to Elmhurst: practise, progress then perfect!



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    On Tuesday afternoon we were visited by Roz Birch who works for the Parliament Education Service. (Read the full article and see more pictures here)



      What do people have to say about our school? 


      David Theobald, the Senior Primary Advisor for Somerset, visited our school during October. Here are a few of his comments from his report:

      "The school considers the quality of teaching to be good and improving and all lessons observed during this visit support this judgement, with several examples of outstanding practice...Pupils demonstrated good attitudes and positive learning behaviours...  highly effective support provided by Teaching Assistants...Teachers demonstrated good subject knowledge and a sound use of appropriate technical vocabulary, not only in Literacy and Mathematics but also in Music and PE sessions...Teaching and Learning is supported by an interesting and varied curriculum and themes are clearly evident in classroom displays..."



      "Just wanted to say what a beautiful Remembrance service it was today. So many of us in tears!"

      Julia Wilson, parent 

      "On arrival I was welcomed into a clean, calm and well-ordered school by friendly and professional office staff....I was impressed with the learning environment in general....Teachers are confident in their classrooms, friendly and welcoming... The children were extremely well behaved and courteous to each other, and to me as a visitor.... All classes presented as calm, well ordered and a place fit for children to learn..."

      Judith Barrett, Head of St. Michael's Academy and LLE (Local Leader of Education)


      "Keep up the good work - the school was buzzing!" 

      Sarah Cook - Somerset Literacy Advisor


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      Our school is steeped in history. Follow these links to find out more about Elmhurst in the past: 

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