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Address Elmhurst Lane,Street, Somerset, BA16 0HH
Phone 01458 442979
Fax 01458 448496
named contact Please address all enquiries to Mrs Yvonne James

The School has a duty of care to all of their pupils,and this care comes into being everyday at the start of the school day and whilst the pupil is on school premises. In order to assist with this duty this school has made the decision to use a text messaging service to communicate more easily on a number of subjects involving their children, such as First Day Absence, Emergency Closure, Reminders of Holidays and Events.

This information is also available through our Twitter feed and through the Elmhurst Parents Facebook page. 

To inform parents or designated carers of important issues the Text Messaging Service will send a standard text message to the designated mobile phone number. Apart from the contact telephone number and the pupil’s first name, no other personal data will be retained by the Texting Company.

If you require any further information please contact the School.